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You’re up at 3 a.m. thinking too much. You get carried away by worst case scenario or replay past events in your mind again and again, wishing you could have done it differently. You are not weak - you're up against a formidable condition! Your actions are a result of an overactive primitive brain. To cope with the stress and overwhelming emotions, you may eat a box of donuts, or buy shoes you don’t need, or resort to other self soothing behaviors. Put an end to the cruel rule of anxiety and worry!

What’s the answer? A combination of body practices and thinking tools. For instance, stimulating the vagus nerve brings on board the part of the nervous system that creates calm. The more you practice these skills and visualizations, the better you feel. Learn them for yourself or for your clients.

This class is designed to be self-contained and accessible to anyone, from non-scientists interested in the material to professional mental health practitioners seeking effective skills to relieve clients' anxiety.

Packed with information, this course explains autonomic nervous system function and other scientific concepts behind trauma and triggers, that will help you to turn reactions into responses and to relieve anxiety.

Please note: You can take the intro at no cost. Be sure to click "Next Slide" at the top of the course to move through slides. "Next" at page bottom takes you to next section of course.

Here is what you will get:

  • Develop understanding of the science behind anxiety
  • Learn tools (exercises and visualizations) to relieve the strong reactions to anxiety
  • A new understanding that symptoms are physiologically sourced, not psychological (There is nothing “wrong” with you and the brain can change!)
  • The basic science presented here is a “must-have” for counselors.

You will learn visualizations as well as 1-3 minute (short!) exercises that regulate the nervous system and reduce stress. The goal of this course is to help you to develop a value for the nonverbal wisdom of your body by establishing a daily practice that will dramatically neutralize strong emotion, create calm, reduce triggers and engender inner peace. Practicing embodied mindfulness tools leads to more creative solutions. The way to world peace is to practice it daily in our personal lives.

In addition, to the information on the slides and the visualizations, you get:

  • Downloadable resources (worksheets, quiz, action plan)
  • Direct email access to me
  • 50% off first one-hour session with me


“I appreciated the handouts and other information you gave us – It’s like winning the lottery! I’m really excited moving forward to try these techniques! Monica 

“Your workshop was filled with wonderful information and do-able exercises for myself and clients. Your enthusiasm as well as your highly informed awareness about the topic made is what made it wonderful. Thank you so much!” ~ Suzanne Carter

“After being in therapy for more than one quarter century, you are educating me about alternative therapies. Thank you!” TW

“I thought your presentation was the best of the five I attended at the Colorado Counseling Association Conference!” LR

Pay $49.95 and for less than half the cost of a counseling session, you gain hours of information! I offer 100% money back guarantee within 30 days if you are not satisfied with the course.

Counselor / Speaker / Writer

Jennifer Delaney

A body-centered Registered Psychotherapist and Nationally Certified Counselor with practices in Denver and Boulder, Jen is passionate about the intersection between neuroscience and mindfulness, as well as teaching the scientific and emotional benefits of body-centered, mindful awareness. Certified in Brainspotting, a profound and effective somatic therapy technique, she works with adults experiencing grief & loss, and anxiety related to difficult life transitions, unexplained fears and/or complex PTSD. An international speaker, yogini, meditator for over four decades and published author, Jen received a second master’s degree in writing. She has given this course to numerous organizations. Her poetry, nonfiction and fiction have been published alongside her photographs in literary journals, newspapers, magazines, and ezines. Read her blog at!

Course curriculum

  • 2

    Lesson One

    • Why This Practice Works

    • Inner Critic Worksheet by Jen Delaney

    • Boundaries Worksheet by Jen Delaney

  • 3

    Lesson Two

    • What Causes Anxiety and Worry?

  • 4

    Lesson Three

    • The How To: Tools to Create Change

    • Get Calm! Quiz

    • Get Calm Intention Worksheet pdf


5 star rating

It works!

kati bicknell

I struggle with anxiety. This course helped me understand why my body feels the way it does, and that I'm not crazy. I learned tools that I've been using eve...

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I struggle with anxiety. This course helped me understand why my body feels the way it does, and that I'm not crazy. I learned tools that I've been using every day that really work to help me stay calm when I feel stressed. Jen's compassion and deep knowledge of the subject matter had me feeling really safe and focused so I could really integrate the material.

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